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Ashirwad Hospital serves you the best treatment by the most experienced team and hardworking staff. Numerous women have been delivered here and have gone happily. Women of all age group between 12 years to 80 years have come to Ashirwad Hospital and have been treated appropriately.

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Ashirwad Hospital provides the perfect treatment by our expert and experienced doctors.

Dr. Chandrika pandya & Dr. Yogendra Pandya have worked tirelessly day and night & have left no stone unturned to serve the people of Rajkot and saurashtra. with the addition of Dr. Jay Pandya and Dr Devanshi Pandya to the team; Ashirwaad Hospital and it's team shall continue to serve the society even better for years to come.

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The HPV vaccine is recommended for adolescent girls who are not sexually active. Females who are sexually active may also benefit from the vaccine. The HPV vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women.
During pregnancy you should avoid fish that contains Mercury (including swordfish, tile fish, mackerel and shark). Also avoid saccharine, alcohol, deli meats, unpasteurized cheeses, and meat, poultry and fish that have been under-cooked.
For most women, there is no medical reason not to have sex during pregnancy. Unless your pregnancy is classified as high risk or if there are other safety concerns, you and your partner can have sex without fear of harming your baby.

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